Employee Reporting

We will maintain the highest levels of:

Safety through proactive safety management systems, professional training and attention to detail.

Customer satisfaction through on-time performance, friendly and respectful interactions, and providing clean equipment, aircraft and facilities.

Employee pride by providing opportunity for personal growth and instilling a sense of individual importance in achieving our common mission.

All employees should use the Hazard Report form when anything, real or potential, could make possible or contribute to making possible, an accident.

Example: A Crewmember sees a pothole on the ramp while walking to the aircraft. A hazard report should be filed because the pothole represents a hazard to normal operations.

Employees should use the Irregularity Report form when their duties are directly related to company equipment, i.e. aircraft, tugs, trucks, etc. and they have experienced an operational issue that is considered non-routine in nature.

Example: A Pilot taxies an aircraft through a pothole on the ramp and damages the tire and strut. An Irregularity Report should be filed.

Built on Safety. Dedicated to Safety.
This is our commitment to you.